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by Irothana
25 Aug 2009, 22:25
Forum: General discussion
Topic: The Last Post
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the game may die but OC will live on eternal :P

by Irothana
19 Dec 2006, 08:35
Forum: Guild news
Topic: Roster upload disabled
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I'm also still looking for an updated version of the raid import plugin for DKP. Apparently the guy that made it formatted his HD and doesn't have it anymore... *DOH*
hmm seems like me last year (never made backups)

by Irothana
09 Sep 2006, 20:50
Forum: Guild news
Topic: One year of Obsidian Circle!
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obsidian circle was formed on 9 january or /ginfo satys 9-1-2005 this is quite intrestting cause 9 january is my bday

by Irothana
28 Jul 2006, 23:11
Forum: Guild news
Topic: tiger bit the dust
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tiger bit the dust

20 crazy obsidian circle raiders took down tiger after lots of trouble but now we know how to do it here's a pic of our hero's [img][650:500][/img] next time phanter and fish bos WILL DIE keep fighting for the Circle Iro
by Irothana
20 Jun 2006, 21:22
Forum: Quests
Topic: Welcome. please read!
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we could take him on a MC attunment run
aswel as maybe an LBRS/UBRS run for onyxia and BwL attunment
(we should do this with every 56+ (atleast the MC attunment)