Manual: How to use the guildbank

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Manual: How to use the guildbank

Post by Onyx » 11 Apr 2006, 18:04

We have created a couple of characters that function as Guildbank. How does the Guildbank work:
  • Any items you don't need, can't use and don't want to sell but that could be useful to other guildmembers can be send to the bankers.
  • The current bankers are: Montague (Rathma) and Rosenstern (Onyx).
  • The guildbank can be used by players with rank Circle Guard and higher.
  • Items with a DKP value can be bought from the bank for their current DKP value plus 15g. The 15g being a penalty for not being in the raid to obtain said item.
  • All other items you're interested in can be bought from the bankers at 25% of the item's current AH price. Contact the bankers by sending an ingame mail to obtain the item.
  • When the bank holds enough money members will be able to take out loans for things like mounts and so. You will of course have to pay back the loan, but we won't charge any interest :)
  • The contents of the bank can be viewed at:


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