Raid behaviour - what not to do

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Raid behaviour - what not to do

Post by Onyx » 27 Nov 2006, 13:13

Hi everyone,

Most of you have probably already seen this on the General Forum, but here it is again... with some small things added.

Here is some stuff we don't want to see in raids anymore (somewhat ordered by priority):
  • SPAM
  • SPAM in /ra
  • SPAM in /g
  • SPAM in /s
  • SPAM in /y
  • SPAM emotes
  • Not listening to officers/raidleaders
  • Not have CTRA installed
  • Repeatedly signing up for raids and then NOT showing up.
  • Harrassing officers into starting a fight before the raid is ready (the: "OMFG can we start now, I only have 5 minutes left" behaviour). If you don't have time you don't belong in the raid.
  • Have PVP on in raids (very annoying as it spreads to everyone that buffs or heals you).
  • Halloween wands, snowballs, rubberballs or any other crap that's NO use at all when killing trash or bosses
  • Endless jumping, running around in circles and other stupid behaviour when someone is explaining tactics. If you're not interested in tactics you don't belong in raid. If you already know the tactics, be polite and give other players a chance to listen to them without you jumping through their picture distracting them
  • Coming up with alternative tactics on public channels. I mean, if you really think you know better than the officers (and don't assume we're stupid either) just /w someone.
There's probably more to add to the list, but these are the most important points. Now you may think this is harsh, because raiding is supposed to be "fun", but if these things are what makes raiding "fun" you're really missing the point. While you may think it's all a laugh it annoys the hell out of your raidmates. They'd rather have fun by killing mobs and bosses efficiently or figure out complicated tactics by trying/dying and trying again.

So... we will be keeping a check on the behaviour above and give players a (1st) warning to stop being a pain. If you then still fail to stop you will be kicked from the raid and the (2nd) warning will be added to your account. On the next (3rd) warning you will be removed from the guild.

Let's try and keep it tight and enjoyable for all so we can start having some new success in our raids.


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