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Raid Calendar

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The raidcalendar ( has been updated and now supports level 70 characters and TBC races.

We've planned our first Karazhan raid on it. If you have an account on these forums you will be able to use the raidcalendar. You *do* need to create your ingame characters using the Profile option on the calendar before you can sign up for raids though.

Please note that signing up for a raid does *not* guarantee you will get a spot. Raid-/classleaders will make a selection from the players that signed up to fill the raid. We will try to be fair and rotate players around, but like Rathma said in an earlier post: slackers will have a hard time getting into raids when better players are available, especially now that we only have 10 spots availbale for Karazhan.

So make sure you are on your best behaviour during raids, arrive on time, be fully repaired, bring the reagents you need and stay alert during the raid (prevent idle chat and spam, don't going afk and so...).

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