Recruitment Open once more!

Recruitment forum. If you're interested in joining Obsidian Circle, then sign up here.
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Recruitment Open once more!

Post by Rathma »

Once more we'll be accepting new recruits into OC, to make 25 man raids possible in the near future. Currrently we're not yet able to specify the classes we need, so if you you're interested in joining OC, just fill in an application form and we'll let you know asap :)

OC management

EDIT: In order to take on the 25 man raids as soon as possible you will need to have decent gear on you. The following list is only an indication, and applies to lower karazhan.

Gear Requirements for ‘ Lower’ Karazhan (up to and including The Curator)


- MM: 1800 attack power, 18% crit chance
- BM: 1350 attack power, 18% crit chance
- Survival: 1500 attack power, 22% crit chance, 500 agility.


- Resto: 1000+ healing power, 100+ mp5
- Ele: 700+ spelldamage, 20-22% crit chance, 15% hit chance
- Enh: 1000+ AP, 20% crit chance, 15% hit chance


- Affli: 750-800 spelldamage (including FA)
- Demo: 900 spelldamage
- Destro: 800 spelldamage, 20% crit (without Devestation)


-Fire: 700 spelldamage, 30% crit (with Elemental Precision), 10% hit
-Frost: 800 spelldamage, 20% crit (with Elemental Precision), 10% hit
-Arcane: 1000 spelldamage, 25% crit, 10% hit


-Feral (tank): 13k HP, 20% dodge, 415 defense
-Feral (dps): 1800 AP, 25% crit
-Resto: 1200+ healing power, 100 mp5
-Balance (dps): +600 spelldmg, 100 mp5


-Protection (tank): 13k HP, 13k armor, 490 defense, weapon quality compared to [Grom'tor's Charge] or [The Sun Eater], shield compared to [Platinum Shield of the Valorous]


-Protection (tank): 14k Armor, 180+ spelldmg, 15% dodge, 15% parry, 20% block, with [Libram of Repentance]


-Sword/Maces: 1400 AP, 21% crit, 12% hit (with talents),
-Daggers/Fists: 1400 AP, 26% crit, 12% hit (with talents),


-Holy: 100 mana/5 sec, +1000 healing power
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