Manual: How to use the guildroster & signatures

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Manual: How to use the guildroster & signatures

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The guildroster can be accessed through:

Instructions to add your own character's information to the roster:
  • Download the add-on Character Profiler
  • Extract the zipfile into your game directory. When extracted correctly you should see a directory ...\Interface\AddOns\CharacterProfiler in your game installpoint.
  • Login to WoW.
  • On the character selection screen, click on the button "Addons" in the bottom-left corner and check if the CharacterProfiler installed correctly. You may need to enable it if your version is outdated.
  • Select a character and enter the game.
  • Once in the game open your bags, character, spellbook, bank and so on. These should now be scanned by the add-on.
  • Check the scanning by typing: /cp show This will give you an overview of the items scanned so far and will tell you which ones still have to be checked.
  • Save the scanned information by typing: /cp export or by opening your character stats ("c") and clicking the "Save" tab-button.
  • Leave the game (or Alt-tab to Windows).
  • Go to the roster page: and select "Update Profile"
  • Browse to: gamedirectory\WTF\Account\accountname\SavedVariables and select and upload the file "CharacterProfiler.lua"
  • You should now be able to see your scanned information on the roster pages.
Once you have uploaded your profile you will also be able to automagically use cool signatures like the one underneath this message by placing:

Code: Select all

in the signature field in your userprofile.

You can even use this signature if you have not uploaded any profile. It will look slightly different then and only hold your class and level.


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