Guild changes - please read!

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Guild changes - please read!

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To all members:

Over the last couple of weeks Obsidian Circle has quickly grown to about 300 members. Within the current Guild, Rank and Raiding rules this size has become impossible to manage and organize. There's many new players that we - as guild leaders - have never even met, we're seeing new members run raids that go as badly as an average pick-up group and we're seeing players get disappointed with the lack of proper guild management.

In our opinion Obsidian Circle is a guild in transition. We're changing from a small levelling and raiding guild into a proper raiding guild. This requires us to make some drastic changes to the way the guild and our raids are being organized.

Therefore the following changes will be effective starting now:
  • Guild invites are on hold for now. From now on we will only be recruiting the classes we have too few of and this will be done by guildofficers
  • Players with Circle Raider rank can no longer /ginvite
  • Players with Circle Raider rank can no longer roll 20-120
  • Starting next weekend we will begin to use a DKP system which will replace the 20-120 rolling benefit for hardcore raiders. The guild's DKP site can be found here:
  • ZG/AQ/MC raids will be organised by Officers only, not by players. This is necessary to ensure that DKP gets recorded properly and to prevent the messy pickup group type of raids we've seen recently.
  • We will be setting up fixed raiding teams like team ZG1, team ZG2 and so on.
  • We will be changing the ranking system to arrange which players can join what raiding team. Players with low rank will be able to join simple instances like UBRS, players with higher rank will be able to join raids to ZG/AQ and the highest ranking raiders will get access to MC/Onyxia. This way the guild has time to get to know the new guildmembers, and the new members themselves can gradually gain experience in end-game instances.
  • We will be publishing the fixed team's raids on GEM. Players with the proper rank can sign-up as replacements for these raids should one of the fixed team members fail to show up.
  • All players that want to join guildraids will be required to have CT RaidAssist and TeamSpeak installed and functioning properly. Without these addons installed you can not join raids.
  • All playes joining raids will show up 15 mins. before the scheduled start of the raid at the latest, will have their equipment fully repaired and will have sufficient reagents with them (soulshards, ankhs, powders) for the duration of the raid.
Let's all try and turn Obsidian Circle into a real endgame raiding guild!

The Guild Management.
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