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Change in guildrules

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We've added an important new guildrule:
  • Secretly applying to other guilds while still in OC is a kickable offense. Players that are applying to other guilds should be open and honest about this, or preferably just leave OC and then start applying. If you are actively applying to other guilds you should of course not expect to get any priority when we are inviting members for a raid.
Unfortunatly it has become necessary to add this rule. We recently noticed some players happily running along in MC and obtaining loot while they were already applying to guilds like Acheron (you know who you are :x)/Mist/others and badmouthing Obsidian Circle in their application.

If you dislike this guild so much, you should just leave and not rip us of some more nice epics to take away to your new guild. That's behaviour we will no longer tolerate. We don't like to be exploited!

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