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Class leaders

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Hi everyone,

In order to make things go more smoothly in raids we've decided to assign classleaders to make the running of raids a bit easier. We already had classchannels on chat, but now we will start using them more effectively. Read the rest of this post to see who the classleaders will be and what their roles are.

As a classleader you are responsible for the way your class operates in raids. This means you're the one that needs to alert your mates to use the proper addons, spells and equipment. That includes alerting your classmates to repair before raids, bring enough reagents, shards, food, drink and bandages (you can use ctraid to check most of this). All classleaders will get assistant roles in raids, so they can use the advanced ctra options and /rw, /rs and so on.

To prevent a misunderstanding: being a classleader does NOT mean you have to boss everyone in your class around, you are to GUIDE them and help them operate more effectively.

leader: Undeadpunk
tasks: Make sure all warlocks are on /join OCwarlock, coordinate who does what curse, coordinate soulstone usage, hs distribution and correct pet usage.

leader: Irothana
tasks: Make sure all mages are on /join OCmage, coordinate sheeping, coordinate buffing and debuffing (decursive), coordinate distribution of water, coordinate counterspelling.

leader: Bilgot
tasks: Make sure all hunters are on /join OChunter, coordinate hunter pulls, coordinate special attacks like Viper Sting, Tranquilizing Shot and such.

leader: Bigstriker
tasks: Make sure all warriors are on /join OCwarrior, coordinate maintanks and offtanks (especially who takes over in emergencies), make sure every tank knows tricks like the stancedance for Magmadar.

leader: Kuglohas
tasks: Make sure all rogues are on /join OCrogue, coordinate sap, coordinate further rogue actions like kicks and stuns.

leader: Bruul
tasks: Make sure all druids are on /join OChealer, coordinate sleep, coordinate combatres.

leader: Balan
tasks: Make sure all shamans are on /join OChealer, coordinate what totems to use, coordinate MC purging and stuff like that.

leader: Grizloh
tasks: Make sure all priests are on /join OChealer, coordinate the overall raid healing (note: this makes Grizloh classleader for ALL healers!!!), sets up healing rotation, assigns healers to targets, coordinates magic purging.

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