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Obsidian Circle Guild Rules / Information

Post by Onyx » 05 Sep 2005, 12:21

"Obsidian Circle" is a guild that came into life when Rathma and myself decided to leave our old and inactive guild ("League of Immortals"). We've been around since September 1st 2005 and are currently trying to go a bit more hardcore with our raiding.

These are our guild rules:
  • Players are asked to join a minimum of 1 raid a week. Players with a raid attendance > 40% will be promoted to "Circle Raider" rank which has certain benefits attached to it. See guildranks for this.

    Attendance will be evaluated at the end of each month. Attendance < 40% will result in a demote.
  • Signing up for a raid means that you are expected to show up on time, fully repaired and with all the necessary reagents, potions and food.
  • We're using a DKP system to award points for raiding and bosskills. These DKP points can be used to "buy" raid drops. The following DKP points are given per raid:
    • 5.00 dkp start/end
      5.00 dkp lower Kara boss (Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Opera)
      10.00 dkp upper Kara boss (Curator and onwards - excluding Chess)
      15.00 dkp Gruul and beyond


      100 dkp for lower Kara drops,
      150 dkp for upper Kara and beyond.
  • Faillure to join raids or not showing up after signing up will result in an official warning. You will be stripped of your "Circle Raider" rank and benefits. Upon repeatedly doing this players will receive a -20 dkp penalty for the 2nd warning and a -dkp DKP penalty for the 3rd warning. After a 4th warning the player will be banned from raiding forever.
  • A maximum of 2 alts per player will be invited to the guild.
  • When speaking on the guildchat channel (/g) use the english language.
  • Secretly applying to other guilds while still in OC is a kickable offense. Players that are applying to other guilds should be open and honest about this, or preferably just leave OC and then start applying. If you are actively applying to other guilds you should of course not expect to get any priority when we are inviting members for a raid.
  • In instances, "accidently" looting a bind-on-pickup (BoP) item that you didn't win (i.e. ninja looting) is a kickable offense. One mistake can happen (but make sure you try to set it right), a 2nd will get you kicked from the guild.
  • Players that haven't been online for 2 months will be removed from the guild unless they've notified the guild management about an extended leave.
  • In general, just have fun and take it easy. Don't get mad when someone makes a mistake - remember it's only a game -.
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