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Enter your information using this form

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If you're interested in joining Obsidian Circle and are 16+ years of age you can do so by entering your details using this form. After filling out a form we will give our members some time to add comments about you (like: they've done instances with you and can supply information about the kind of person you are and how you play your character). After that the guild officers will take a vote on whether or not you can join.

At the moment we're raiding Karazhan with one team and will possibly start a 2nd team and/or try to get into Gruul's Lair. We've cleared Kara and are trying to down all bosses on a weekly basis now. We're recruiting actively at the moment and are looking for:

Tanks (protection warriors, feral druids)
Healers (holy priests preferred)

Application form





Link to your profile/equipment (Armory):


Do you have Ktm or Omen threatmeter?:

Do you have any Bossmods installed?:

What Heroic Instances are you attuned for?:

Available raiding times (be specific, not just "evening' for example):

Current raiding experience:

Have you been in other guilds (if yes, why did you leave them?)?:

Why do you want to join :

Tell us a bit about yourself: