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Raiding Schedule

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we have alot of members being confused about raiding times because we didn't have a schedule and i understand that so now we have made a raiding schedule that we will follow, it will start this friday(14/7) with a zg raid.

we will start by using sign up on gem but will hopefully soon begin using the raid calendar here on the site.

Raiding schedule

Monday: Zul'Gurub, killing bosses on farm status

Friday: Zul'Gurub, getting further in the instance*

Saturday: Molten Core*

Sunday: Ruins Of Ahn'qiraj

this is where you can show that you really want to help the guild and get some extra dkp if we kill a new boss :wink: so don't just join farm runs, join runs where we try to get further to help the guild out.

But enough reading, go out and help the guild in raiding! :D
It's like, wah.
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