Keyloggers & hacked accounts

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Keyloggers & hacked accounts

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Guys... This keylogging thing seems to be spreading rapidly. Here's some tips:

1. Patch your Windows system & especially Internet Explorer with all the latests patches through:
2. Install a good antivirus program, make sure you have the most recent virus definitions and do a full system scan. Some programs are: Symantec Antivirus or McAfee's ViruScan.
3. Install an anti-spyware program like AdAware SE Personal Edition (it's for free): and do a full system scan.
4. Install Spybot S&D: and activate the TeaTimer option. Have it make a full scan and let it secure ('Immunize') your Internet Explorer.
5. Install SpywareBlaster: Have it block all bad sites in IE and set it to block ActiveX and so on except for sites you mark as being trusted and safe.
6. Always start your game through the Blizzard Launcher as it has some anti-cheat checks build in to it.
7. Use different passwords for different websites and never use your game password on a website (this also means: be VERY carefull when using the official site because it uses your ingame password)
8. Keyloggers mostly get activated when your system starts. Use Start, Run, msconfig and check the "Startup" tab to see everything that is started automatically. Disable programs that you don't recognize (carefull though, you don't want to disable programs that are needed)

Other than this... be carefull when visiting weird sites and pay special attention to links that seem lead you to webpages/-links with images or movies but are in fact scripted pages. They may look like: ....image.jpg.html (instead of just .jpg).

I'll try and dig up some more info on these loggers and how to combat them:

a. Extensive thread on WoW keylogger and how to remove it: Apparently Ewido anti-spyware removes it properly, but do please read the whole thing. And... don't change your password until you are certain your system is clean. Otherwise it will just log your new password too.
b. More info posted on the WoW site (thanks to Fatality): ... 3697&sid=1

Some more info (links copied from the techsupport article above for those of you that still didn't read the whole thing :D):

How did I get infected in the first place?
The anti-spyware tutorial
Making Internet Explorer safer
Understanding and using firewalls

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